Investing in Rental Properties for Physicians

Having a discussion about investing in real estate can go so many ways.  You could be talking about investing in a primary residence, a partnership or trust, or rental properties.  Depending on that, then we need to determine if it’s about commercial or residential.  Active or passive?  What about the tax treatment?  Will this concentrate […]

What Professional Designation Should Physicians Look For?

When it comes to seeking out financial advice, it’s important to understand that there are a variety of flavors to choose from.  A financial professional designation may maintain expertise in very specific areas of finance, others keep it more broad. So what do you need as a physician? The truth is, there is no single […]

Comparing Wills Versus Trusts

Wills and trusts serve similar purposes but accomplish those purposes in different ways.  A Will and Testament is a more traditional way of handling one’s estate and is generally easy to create.  You could draft up a bona fide legal document outlining your wishes upon death, or you could produce something less formal that could […]

Mandatory Forbearance During Medical Residency?

Deciding whether or not to choose mandatory forbearance during residency is a tougher decision than it may appear on its face.  When comparing a slew of repayment options with complicated rules versus “mandatory” forbearance allowed to interns, residents, and fellows, it’s understandable why one would choose the latter.  Heck, it almost sounds like it’s mandatory […]