I specialize in helping young physicians make the transition from training to attending. I know your unique needs and circumstances and am fully equipped to help you make the important financial decisions you’re faced with.

I come from a family of physicians. My grandfather, father, and brother all practice(d) medicine and I’ve seen the personal side of how demanding the profession is. My goal is to alleviate the time it takes to weigh out your options on topics like student loan repayment strategies, disability, and term insurance decisions, saving and investing and reducing your tax bill so that you can use that time to focus on what’s most important to you.

Dr. Jeffrey L Sycamore, MD, Jon Sycamore, CFP®, Dr. David L Sycamore, MD

Student loan repayment options are VERY nuanced. ICR, IBR, New IBR, PAYE, REPAYE. Which repayment option works best for you? When your dealing with hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt, it makes sense to seek out a professional who knows the nuances of each repayment option. I’ve gone through intense training on the repayment process and I offer personalized strategies as part of your comprehensive financial plan, or as a stand-alone service.
You’ve invested A LOT of time and money into your training. In the early stages of your career, you’re particularly vulnerable to financial ruin should you become disabled or die because you simply haven’t had much time to realize the financial benefit of earning a physician’s income. Because I don’t sell insurance, I work with other insurance professionals (including yours if you have one) to make sure you’re getting unbiased advice that saves you money and covers you from financial ruin.
After a decade of intense training, not only haven’t you been saving for future financial goals, but you’ve likely been going deeper and deeper into debt. Once you start earning like an attending, it’s important to develop a solid roadmap to getting out of the hole and begin accumulating wealth. Equipped with the latest financial planning technology, I can help put into perspective the reality of how you choose to use this seeming windfall of income. Hopefully, I can dissuade you from immediately buying a luxury car, but if it’s a must, we can explore ways to make it all work.
When you’re ready to buy a home, lack of income while in training or large student loan debt afterward can get in the way of qualifying for a conventional mortgage. Some lenders, however, offer more lenient underwriting for physicians. As with most things, there are trade-offs as to if you should take advantage of such an offer. Purchasing a home is such a major decision, but think about the conflicts of interest that are present when working with a realtor and a loan officer. They both get paid based on commission.
My job in this scenario is to act as a neutral third party to make sure you are treated fairly.

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