Financial planning is like a path you’re on whether you know it or not.  You can walk around without direction and hope for the best, OR, you can pull out a map and compass and plan out your journey.  The earlier on in life you get started, the better off you’ll be.  This is why I offer financial planning as a service unto itself, so I can help you at any stage in your life regardless of if you have significant assets to manage or not.

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Your investment portfolio is just one part of your overall financial plan.  In fact, as part of your financial plan, I advise you on what types of accounts you should open, how much to fund them, and how to allocate the funds.  You’re free to execute this advice on your own or through another investment advisor, but I’ve partnered with leading asset strategists to provide you with a high quality solution at a fair price to execute it for you.  This is not a standalone service, it is only offered to financial planning clients.

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If you’re not ready for an ongoing service like comprehensive financial planning or investment management, I offer single engagement, more focused services as well.  If you just want to look at one or two areas of financial planning, we can do that.  I also offer specific analysis on student loans, employee contracts, and health care loan programs.


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