I offer an investment management service exclusively to my financial planning clients to provide a way to execute the investment recommendations already made as part of your financial plan. I’ve partnered with leading providers, TD Ameritrade and Vanguard, to create the highest-quality solution for my clients.


I believe in a plain vanilla investment strategy. My main objectives are to keep your actions consistent, your portfolio diversified, and your costs low. These are all things within your total control. You have zero control over the market, so there’s no market timing or chasing after the next superstock.


Investment management is a separate service from my core offering of financial planning. To keep my costs fair, my rates for managing investments are about half what you would see from other advisors who only charge an assets-under-management fee. You can see my rates here.


Your financial advisor charges and annual advisory fee. You advisor works directly with you to determine the best strategies for you and is your point of contact regarding your accounts. Most advisory fees are tiered, ranging between 0.50% to 2%.
Your advisor will usually outsource the actual security selection to a fund manager. “Active” fund managers seek to beat the market and charge a percentage that can be as high, or higher than the advisory fee. “Passive” managers aim to mimic the market, or a particular index and charge a much lower percentage between 0.02% to 0.50%.
You definitely want an advisor who uses a third-party custodian…cough, Madoff, cough. Custodians primarily get paid from ticket charges when buys and sells occur in your accounts. Ticket charges range between $0 and $25 per trade. Other custodial charges include annual account charges, paper statement charges, and account closing charges.

*Figures based on 2017 Financial Advisory Fees Report from Inside Information and a $1,000,000 portfolio rebalanced quarterly. Actual percentages will vary based on portfolio size and frequency of trades.


I leverage Vanguard’s resources to keep your expense ratios low and TD Ameritrade’s custodial services to keep your accounts safe and offer a wide variety of $0 transaction fees on many of the funds I use.  Together, you’ll get a high-quality, low-cost investment solution.


To see if we are a good match, I offer a free 30-minute meeting via Google Meet so we can video conference face to face.  If you aren’t able to video conference, we can always do it over the phone.

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